September 2021 Patch Notes


Drop an ender pearl above a wool block to make it into an elevator. Jump on it to warp to the above wool block and crouch on it to warp to the wool block below it.

Gem Villagers

Villagers have been added that have custom trades to decorate homes. Check them out in spawn by doing /warp GEM. Make sure to bring some diamonds with you.

Silence Mobs

Added the ability to silence any mob using a name tag. All you need to do is edit a nametag and name it  “Silence me” or “silence me”. Make sure not to use “ “ when making the nametag.

Mob heads

Higher chance to receive a mob head upon its kill. This can be very useful for Wither farms or a personal collection.

Player Head Drops

A player will drop their head when killed by another player and will display who killed them.

Double Shulker Shells

All shulkers will now drop 2 shells, making it much easier to get a shulker box.

Dragon Drops

Ender Dragon will drop a dragon egg and elytra upon death.

Classic Fishing Loot

 Fishing loot and fishing farms prior to version 1.16


Use /e to check out all of the Emotes to add to the signs


Added 300 new blocks. These can be seen using the /ia command.

New Crafting details

  • Use a furnace to burn rotten flesh into leather
  •   Use a crafting table to turn 1 wool block into 4 stream
  • Name Tag crafting: put string in the top right, iron on the left of the string as well as below, and paper in the bottom left and middle to craft a nametag 
  • At a crafting table, you will now receive more stairs with the same amount of crafting material
  • Surround an apple with gold blocks to craft a golden apple